Yearbook overediting underwhelms

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For over six years, Continental Studios has been the go-to destination for Townsend Harris yearbook pictures. Since these photos would one day constitute as #ThrowbackThursday material, getting all dolled-up became quite the event.

Recently, however, an editing mishap surfaced regarding the photos. From retouching to blemish-control, this year’s pictures were overedited to the point where students became unrecognizable.

Yearbook advisor Caroline Lopera expressed that she had never had problems with the company before. Nonetheless, this did not take away from the fact that many student pictures were incredibly skewed and unpublishable.

Ms. Lopera said, “Some students’ skin looked too smooth; it was obvious. They changed the color of eyes for some people. Those who had brown eyes all of a sudden had green eyes.”

The editing faults were evident to the yearbook class as well, who work with Ms. Lopera to produce a creative and well-organized yearbook.

Yearbook staff member senior Nicole Vu commented, “In some instances, people’s hair looked green and their skin tone would be off, even looking gray and pale at times.”

Although this issue wasn’t detrimental to the yearbook itself, it will take some time to get the re-edited photos back. The schedule of completion was thrown off by a couple of days, but it was nothing the staff could not compensate for.

Continental Studios was very diligent and took responsibility for their mistakes. Ms. Lopera added, “They didn’t charge anything for the corrections and the process wasn’t       difficult at all.”