Fear Factor Preview: Inside Tomorrow’s SU Event

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The Student Union will unleash its most talked about fundraiser, Fear Factor, tomorrow. Students and faculty will face off in a series of daunting challenges in order to obtain a prize: a food fiesta. The showdown will take place in the auditorium at 3:15.

Many familiar faces will be at the event, including Principal Barbetta. Alongside Ms. Reyes, Mr. Sforza, Ms. Figelman, Ms. Pace, and Mr. Olechowski, he will represent the faculty. They will compete against a team of students who are not afraid of some friendly competition.

“I’m actually really excited to see [the teachers] do the challenges. I don’t expect them to beat the students, so it’ll definitely be fun to watch,” said Junior Eileen Jimenez, a member of the student team.

Attendance secretary Yvette Reyes asserted that the teachers will not go down without a fight. She said, “Watch out because I’m coming and I’m winning this.”

Although the challenges will not be as extreme as those seen on television, participants will need some guts and brawn to power through. These challenges, such as the Egg Roulette and Marble Madness, are designed to test limits when the creepy, the crawly, the icky, and the sticky come out to play.

Freshman Marsad Kabir, another student participant, said, “I find overcoming challenges fun because you are accomplishing something some people may not be able to.”

The Fear Factor fundraiser is the first of its kind, designed to bring in revenue for the Student’s Union’s future endeavors. Although the competition is no longer accepting participants, spectator tickets are $5 apiece.