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The change of season always guarantees a change of wardrobe, and usually a change in footwear. But the freezing weather didn’t stop students from rocking their Adidas Superstar 80s sneakers, or simply “Superstars.” These sneakers are also known as “Shelltoes,” for their famous rubber toe box. Made iconic by the rap group Run DMC in the 80s, this sneaker lives on today.

While the Superstars come in every color imaginable, the most popular colorway is the classic white and black. You can find these sneakers on the feet of students wherever you go, and whatever the season may be. But that doesn’t mean you won’t stand out amongst the sea of black and white.

These sneakers are definitely a more casual sneaker meant for everyday wear. The sneaker’s versatility is what has truly made it so popular over the past few decades. In the winter, they could be worn with a hoodie, sweater, or jacket with pants, jeans, or sweatpants. As the weather gets warmer, they could be paired with a white or black t-shirt for a simple but timeless look.

The Superstar is certainly a go-to sneaker for anyone, whether you’re a guy or gal, adult or adolescent. These ubiquitous sneakers are comfortable and fashionable, sold at a reasonable price of $80. If you are debating whether or not the price tag is worth it, rest assured that the wear and flexibility you will get from these sneakers is going to justify it.

When deciding what kicks to wear one day, just remember that you can always be a star when wearing Superstars.