Dating Dilemna

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Students of Townsend Harris High School face an interesting dilemma when it comes to the traditional dating of the teenage years. With a large percentage of students being female and the huge body of work that must be accomplished on a daily basis, where does that leave students when going on a typical date. The do’s and dont’s of dating are actually points that are up for debate among the sexes.

Taking the first steps to asking someone out can always be stressful. Yet who should make the first move. Junior Ishabul Haque states “ I think it should be natural. So if there is the right moment, then you go for it. It doesn’t matter who makes the first move.”

This opinion is generally favored by both sides and displays that in our modern times, both men and women can be free in dating and pursuing a relationship. Yet what about the important aspects of a first date.

When asked who should pay on a date Senior Brianna Samuel “I think it depends. We can always split it or take turns paying. It shouldn’t always have to be him”

Yet young men clearly support the idea of paying for their significant other. Senior Yuriy Markeovetski describes how “ A regular date is where you take her to a restaurant, sit her down, push in her chair. and then you be a gentleman. You pay for the lady. This is the time to show her who you really are.”

What is especially different is that of the idea of late on a first date. While the males of THHS agree that being late sets off a bad impression, the females find themselves more lenient. Junior, Brianna Manginelli says “If you have been friends with this person for long before the date, it doesn’t really matter, no judging”.

One topic, everyone agrees on is the difficulty of defining the relationship. What may come as a shock to people, is that both partners can be afraid or taking the next step but as Boris Akbashev puts it, really entering a relationship involves  “feeling wanted and loved all the time. Can’t have anything better”.