Sherin Shibu wins Milken Scholarship

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The Milken Institute recently honored senior Sherin Shibu with the Milken scholarship, making her the second student in Townsend Harris history to win the prestigious award.

This scholars program was founded by Lori and Michael Milken in 1989. Their mission statement was to celebrate extraordinary young adults, who have put their all in “academic performance, community service, [and] leadership activities.”

Sherin was nominated by Social Studies teacher Franco Sardino to compete with students of all different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, from over 100 high schools in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Sherin explained how extensive the selection process for this scholarship was: “I was invited to an interview after being notified of my finalist standing, and 15 other students were finalists as well. Out of 16, from a pool of hundreds and hundreds of students, 8 were finally selected as Scholars.”

Once a student becomes a Milken scholar, he or she will receive career advice, as well as help in obtaining once in a lifetime internships and opportunities. Furthermore, scholars receive funding that allows them to comfortably transition from college, graduate school, and to life after. Sherin adds, “each Scholar gets a total of $10,000 over the course of 4 years: $2,000 per year and an additional $2,000 to be drawn on when needed.”

One aspect of this opportunity is the annual summit in Los Angeles. At the summit, different speakers, panels and activities will be set out for scholars to help them explore potential professional, personal and academic choices. The institute intends for this extensive outlet of resources to help scholars find their passion and allow them to explore this passion. Sherin, who is being flown out by the program, is “excited to meet the other scholars.w”

Ultimately, the Milken Scholars program exists to help the youth excel in their future careers. Sherin said, “career wise, I can associate with people within this expansive network of scholars who are in professions I’m considering.”