Cross Country Stars Qualify for States

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The Townsend Harris Cross Country Team ended the year on a high note as they sent two of their members to compete in the New York State championships. to the New York State competition. Senior Noreen Mohsin and Sophomore Weronika Falba both qualified and participated in the event.

Reflecting on her experience this season Noreen commented, “this season was difficult because I had a knee injury and there were days where I couldn’t walk, let alone run. My practice wasn’t going well either. But then there was this one meet where I did especially bad and I realized that I only had two weeks left of my cross country career and that I had to give it all I got, so I had to stop letting my mindset hold me back.  And at cities, my last meet, I made sure to stay calm and just be thankful for the fact that I was still able to race despite my knee, so without that pressure I made states.”

Similarly, rookie Cross Country member Weronika said, “I became a state qualifier by focusing on my practices, and making sure that I went my hardest at every practice. The experience at states was a unique one, I’ve never run with so many people before, or on such a hard course. It made me realize that I have to work that much harder and train as much as I can to achieve what I know I can. I put a lot of work into becoming a state qualifier. I made sure to be at every practice and do my best all season, sacrificing my Saturdays to race and get better.”

Both track stars worked very hard in preparation for States and will continue to work in order to perform at their best level. They sacrificed many weekends and leisure time to hone their skills and return mentally and physically stronger.

In addition to qualifying for States, Senior Noreen participated in the Foot Locker Northeast Regional Championship and placed 11th among hundreds of girls from all across the region. The accomplishments of Noreen and Weronika this season has created a fluid start to the beginning of this year’s boundless Townsend Harris track team.