Monthly Inventions: Bionic Contacts

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We are one step closer to fulfilling our ever present need of entering that future, the one riddled with hover boards and all-chrome everything.

British optometrist Garth Webb has invented a lens-like device that can increase one’s vision to 60/20, which is three times what is considered perfect vision. Webb claims that this surgical procedure, which would last eight minutes, will enable the patient to see objects that are 30 feet away as if they were ten feet away.

While the possibility of improved eyesight may sound appealing, many are skeptical about the accessibility of bionic contacts.

Taking the three million dollar cost of research into consideration, sophomore Paul Valdivia had qualms regarding commercialization. “I don’t think people in third world countries who have vision complications might have the resources to pay for such a treatment,” he said.

Junior Florebencia Fils-Aime agreed, adding, “It’s a practical product, but you probably have to [be] rich to get it.”

Human subjects have not yet undergone clinical trials. Regardless, Webb claims that this may be the answer to cataracts, the buildup of protein on the layers of one’s lens that causes the deterioration of eyesight. To prevent cataract formation, optometrists will surgically remove the natural lens of a patient’s eye and replace them with a bionic contact.

If Webb succeeds in this three million dollar endeavor, this will only be the beginning of the future of optometry.