Invention of the Month: The Lexus Hoverboard


Art by Amanda Lin

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The Lexus hoverboard, known as “Slide,” offers the newest form of motion and could soon be the future of transportation. The hoverboard uses repelling magnetic fields in a track and within the hoverboard itself to stay in the air. This means that the board only works in areas that have the magnetic ground installed.

The board has superconducting blocks and is cooled by pools of liquid nitrogen stored within. The board is cooled to its performing temperature and is usable above the permanent magnetic blocks placed in a track.

Lexus’ design of the board was based off current skateboard models. Using the deck of a skateboard and throwing a sleek design onto it, Lexus was able to achieve a futuristic look.

The track was then enlarged from a small patch of permanent magnets to a full blown skatepark, equipped with rails, slopes and a pool of water that you can glide through.

There have always been people pushing to replace the concrete blocks that we have as sidewalks with solar panels or water filtering blocks.

Imagine a road made up of permanent magnets, with hover cars and hover boards zooming up and down the street.

With the help of companies that further our technology, we could achieve the vision of this futuristic world.