New “Eavesdrop” Makes Waves

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The eavesdrop, developed by the Nascent group, is an egged-shaped gadget that serves to help save water. Not only does it observe how much water one uses when one’s faucet is running, but  it also alerts users when a faucet is leaking and wasting water.

Senior Ivanka Juran, who is currently taking AP Environmental Science, commented, “People in the U.S. are pretty spoiled when it comes to water consumption, and we definitely waste huge amounts. Eavesdrop [is] a good first step in the right direction of trying to reduce water waste.”

The Eavesdrop (also “the Droppler”) works by measuring the average rate at which each household uses water at different times of the day. Benefits to this new technology, junior Jin Li remarked, “Take the sink in [the Science Research room]…it’s leaking, and no one has ever came to fix it. It’s such a waste of water.

The technology is extremely useful considering that people sometimes don’t know that their drains are leaking.”

The company developing this product has already raised $57,098 of its $70,000 goal, and it hopes to launch the Droppler as soon as May. Biology teacher Ms. Sarah Oberlander stated, “With this we can save that money for other purposes such as education spending.”

Jin concluded, “[Wasting water] can cost [people] much more than it should and is just a waste of water that can be put into better use.”