Restaurant Review: 520 Desserts

Restaurant Review: 520 Desserts
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By Ilma Aamir, staff writer

Tucked away in a discreet building in Flushing, 520 Dessert is a trendy new dessert spot, ideal for anyone looking to satisfy a sweet tooth with insta-worthy desserts.  

Although, initially it is a bit difficult to find, restaurant goers will find the search well worth it for this hidden gem in downtown Flushing. The restaurant itself is within a larger building, however the black exterior with the name ”520 DESSERTS” in bold white font can be seen from the street view.

The type of food served is similar to that of Spot Dessert Bar, Mango Mango Dessert, Kulu Desserts, and T- Swirl Crepes. However, what makes this restaurant unique is the size and large variety of their menu, which is several pages long. While most other dessert spots in the area seem to focus on a particular niche of desserts, 520 desserts offers it all.

On the menu you can see items ranging from cakes, sweet soups, shaved ice,  ice cream, waffles, and special drinks. What also makes the food stand out, is the unique flavors and toppings offered such as red bean, mochi, and durian.

Upon our visit to 520 Desserts my friends and I ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake, the Oreo Monster Shaved Ice, and the Mango Fantastic Shaved Ice. The chocolate lava cake was up to par with what is expected of such a dessert. It was served warm and when we broke into into it a rush of hot and gooey chocolate flowed out. The chocolate lava cake was well paired with a green tea ice cream. The contrast of hot and cold created a delicious balance, as did the subtle green tea flavor. The dish also came with a few pieces of strawberry adding refreshing taste.

Both of the shaved ices that we ordered came in a large portion, so it was definitely easy to share amongst friends. The oreo monster shaved ice, was served in a large bowl with a base of flavorless shaved ice topped with an abundant amount of oreo crumbs, then drizzled with chocolate syrup, and topped off with whip cream, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, strawberries, and two marshmallows on green tea pocky sticks. Overall, I was satisfied with the dessert, but wish the base of the dessert, the shaved ice had more flavor.

Between the two shaved ices, I recommend the Mango Fantastic, which had more flavor and unique toppings. The Mango Fantastic was served in bowl with a base of shaved ice, then covered in a mango puree and ice cream, topped with lots of fresh mango pieces, mango boba, mochi, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The boba and mochi provided a unique texture, the chewy, jelly like balls were a good addition to the dessert. The mango puree and ice cream were also delicious and dissolved into the shaved ice adding a good flavor. The col vanila ice cream also added another delicious element and paired well the mango pieces. The Mango Fantastic Shave ice is a great option if you are looking for a dessert that is both refreshing and delicious, and if you enjoy a dessert centered around the mango flavor.

What also really stood out at the restaurant, was the large seating area they had. The staff were very friendly and attentive. The overall atmosphere at 520 desserts is very cool, with backlighting on the seats, lit up signs hanging up, Polaroids, and flowers. The dessert place is well decorated, and the food served is also pretty, making this restaurant and the food very aesthetically pleasing and picture ready for social media.