“THHS boys are so not fetch”

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There’s one phrase that I’ve heard repeated throughout my 16 and ½ years of existence on this planet:  “nice guys finish last.” Although I’ve always thought this to be an untrue, clichéd statement, lately I’ve noticed it is a truth; I often see some of my perfectly nice and datable male friends ignored by the young women they pursue.

At our school, it’s common to hear complaints about the lack of datable guys. Apparently the guys who walk their crushes to their next class aren’t good enough. Neither are the guys willing to leave stuffed animals and chocolates in lockers on Valentine’s Day. It baffles me why a girl would return a gift, let alone free food.

I get that not everyone in the school has to pair up with someone else; even if the gender ratio was 50:50 there would still be people wanting to stay single and others who simply aren’t attracted to anyone else. But a line is crossed when a girl posts declarations on how “there are no good guys in this school.” It’s unfair how some girls in the school feel an air of authority over the guys because they get to pick and choose as if we’re bars of candy. We may be pretty sweet, but playing with our emotions can easily turn us sour.

The guys here aren’t blameless either. I admit that my companions and I can get fairly picky with the girls we go after. But that doesn’t mean we’ve sworn off THHS girls altogether, nor does it mean that we think every girl in this school is unattractive.

I also recognize the fact that girls aren’t obligated to do anything in return, or react in any sort of way. If a guy wants to pour his time and efforts into wooing a girl, that’s his decision. There’s never a guaranteed outcome, and the girl shouldn’t be to blame if she doesn’t develop feelings for him.  But please, ladies, have the courtesy to tell us that our actions are unwelcome, and let us know early before we get too emotionally invested.

There are many datable guys at this school, and just as many datable girls. I don’t think that there’s a shortage of either one. But it’s frustrating when there are some who are so close-minded that they can’t see what’s right in front of them. Realize that although you may not be attracted to anyone in particular, that doesn’t render every boy here unattractive.

The frustrations of some are no excuse for the rampant comments made about the male portion of the student body.

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