Prince Tea House serves drinks fit for royal-tea


Photo by Sabrina Yu

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TEA PARTIES are usually associated with children’s playtime, or relegated to the United Kingdom. However, now everyone can have an authentic tea experience at the Prince Tea House.

This regal cafe is located on Prince Street, Flushing, where the menu tries to emulate a tea party as much as possible, serving not only tea, but also delectable desserts and petite finger sandwiches.

I had to order their Rose Lover Milk Tea, which stands out because of its vibrant pastel pink tint. This tea has a pleasant, aromatic rose fragrance. It is rich and creamy, but not overly sweet. This is certainly a must-try drink.

The Lavender Green Milk Tea is just as colorful as the Rose Lover Milk Tea, but not nearly as enjoyable. Although there is a balance of sugar and creaminess, it lacks a strong lavender flavor. This was a satisfying tea, but it fell short of my expectations.

Thé Des Alizés, a lighter green tea infused with white peach, kiwi, watermelon, and flower petals is a fantastic fruity alternative to the heavier milk teas. Although the kiwi, watermelon, and floral flavors are not distinguishable, the tea is still refreshing.

The Fleur de Geisha is a green tea with cherry blossom and sakura flavor in tribute to Kyoto women. This was quite literally not my cup of tea, as it had an overwhelming cherry scent and taste.

As for desserts, the Tofu Cheesecake tastes like a typical cheesecake with a hint of tofu or soybean flavor. It is not as heavy, thick, and velvety as a normal cheesecake. The fresh berry assortment brings color, and the strawberry jam used to garnish the platter adds a sweet compliment to the cake.

The Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake, a slice of cake made of many layers of green tea crepe and whipped cream, is coated with green tea powder on top, which adds more flavor to the cake without making it bitter. The whipped cream makes the cake creamy and smooth. The crepes themselves have a spongy texture.

Another luxurious pastry was the Mille Feuille, which is a pastry sandwich tower with cream and fresh fruit in the middle, adorned with whipped cream, fresh fruit slices on the side, and a drizzle of strawberry jam on the plate for decoration. With the combination of the sweet cream and savory pastry, this dessert makes for an interesting dish.

In the Green Tea Creme Brulee, the custard is quite bitter due to the green tea. A layer of crunchy, torch-blown caramelized sugar on top and toasted candied sesame seeds on the side give it a roasted flavor. Despite the lack of sweetness, this was still a decent dessert.

The ambience of this cafe is romantic and elegant. With soft chandeliers and fairy lights, regal purple couches, and cute decor all around, the serene environment is perfect for going on a date or catching up with an old friend.Prince Tea House is a wonderful cafe to visit if you have the time. “The food is scrumptious, resulting in a marvelous experience.”