Prayer and performance at Seekers cofeehouse


Photo by Francesca Filiberti and Kathy Ling

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THE INGREDIENTS for this afternoon were simple: with skits and music performances stirred in with good food and topped of with prayer, the Seekers Coffeehouse delivered like a fresh cup of joe. On May 22 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m, the Seekers hosted their annual Coffeehouse as a way to cap of their year. At no cost, people from both inside and outside the school attended.

This annual event is the zenith of the work the Seekers do throughout the year. According to freshman Renaenia Pangan, “The Coffeehouse is one of Seeker’s biggest, if not biggest, event of the school year.”

The theme of this year’s event was “God’s Love and Ours.” Senior Joice Im, co-president of Seekers, explained the theme choice. “Because we are a Christian club, we still emphasize the importance of Christianity and incorporate our yearly theme into Coffeehouse,” Joice said.

“Basically it’s…an open mic event with the Singspiration team leading us in praise songs, then a few individual acts by the members of the club, prayer, and [then] a break for food,” Joice added.

Students and alumni alike attended the festivities. The event included musical performances, prayer, and body worship, a form of interpretative dance combining prayer and movement. Seekers alumni Chris Chan and Shontae Solomon, also performed.

This event is “a time to develop increasingly intimate connections with our fellow Seekers members, alumni, and peers both inside and outside of school,” as senior Brenda Zhang, one of the current presidents of the club, stated.