The Hawk’s Nest opens for student sales

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One of the Hawk's Nest's new murals. Photo <br /><figcaption id=Photo by David Heifetz

With its enhanced school colors, vibrant murals, and upcoming promotions for student involvement, the  Student Union store, which was refurbished over the summer and renamed the “Hawk’s Nest,” is up and running.

The 2013-2014 SU board members decided to revamp the store last June because they felt it lacked student appeal, choosing a name that gave it a greater sense of school spirit.

“We weren’t really utilizing the SU store to the best of our abilities,”  said junior class president Nina Leeds. “We noticed that there was a lot more we could be doing with it.”

The SU Board also wanted to increase student awareness of the actual items sold in the store.

“The products in the store always stayed the same: books and uniforms,” said junior Harry Petsios, SU Treasurer. “During the cleanup, SAT and United States History books resurfaced that hadn’t been opened since 2005.”

Various SU Board members began renovating during regents week last June and finished during the first week of September. In addition, a mural contest was held over vacation with the winning designers, sophomore Cindy Xu, senior Selina Feng, and junior Jessica  Mgbeojirikwe, receiving gift cards to Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. During the revamping, SU members repainted much of the store crimson and gold and, Cindy painted her mural. They also added an LED light-board conveying messages to students in the cafeteria and a suggestion box to encourage input on the store. Furthermore, a new SU logo was designed by Public Relations Officer, junior Yash Sharma, to “show the change of administration.”

“We ended up using a lot of our creativity by recycling old wooden boards, brushes, or any material we could find. Price-wise, I felt that we tried as hard to renovate without major costs so we volunteered a lot of our time to make the changes,” commented Club Liaison, junior Karen Su, on the renovation’s allocated $200 budget.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to apply for a managerial position that oversees earnings and activities of the Hawk’s Nest during each lunch band.

“The addition of a student manager will make this less of a “school store” and more of a “student union store,” said Harry.

Although it is already functioning, the Hawk’s Nest is still developing. The SU Board plans to have the two remaining murals painted and will try to create a “Rewards Card”  for students. Although the store’s merchandise will stay the same for now, the SU Board wants to soon sell new items that appeal to students. However, SU President Judy Kwon noted that it’s “not very easy to bring items that are approved by the Department of Education and items that the students can enjoy.”

The SU Board sees success for the Hawk’s Nest.

“I definitely think students will come into the store much more,” said Yash. “With all the new stuff we’re adding, it’s really a great and convenient place to get certain jobs done.”

Although SU members admitted that coordinating and brainstorming for the renovation were difficult, they enjoyed the experience.

“Not only was it a thrilling experience in the sense that we were making near-permanent changes to the school,” said Harry, “but it also offered some assurance that the Executive Board performs “hands-on” jobs, and doesn’t simply deliberate school policy.”