Hector Benitez shares his sports history

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“Mira para ya!”

Everyone knows the call of janitor Hector Raphiel Benitez as he attempts to trick Harris students into looking at the ground at nothing.

Hector’s dedication to his work for 16 years can be attributed to his participation in sports all throughout his life.

Much of Hector’s work ethic and positive attitude has come from his past experience with sports.

Having played basketball as a student at Franklin K. Lane High School and little league at a much younger age, Hector finds that sports play a very important role in a young person’s life.

He explained, “Sports not only allow kids to get involved in something they love, but it teaches them discipline. Discipline helps build character and also shows leadership.”

Having been a part of several teams himself, he emphasized the benefits of working with others at a young age. “Working with people at a job is just like working with people on a team,” said Hector, “It requires the same basic rules.”

Sports still play a role in his life today. Hector loves sports and continues to be a big basketball, baseball and football fan.  During the Broncos’ Super Bowl run earlier this year he often wore a Peyton Manning jersey.

He shares his love for sports with his children:  one of his daughters is a swimmer and his son also played a great deal of basketball.

Hector is also an active participant in teacher-student sports activities such as the Student vs. Teacher Dodgeball and Basketball sponsored fundraisers held in school.

He sees them as fun and active ways to let loose and bring people together while having a good time.

Hector believes that there’s something about being a part of a sports team that creates a solid foundation for a good person.

Hector said, “I get to see the beginning and the end. So I see everything. It’s awesome.”

Not only does he work hard, but he always seems to make time to take a few minutes to stop and talk to students, which he says is a big part of why he loves his job. He sees students and their struggles and finds joy in giving them advice and encouraging them to “hang in there.”

Senior Danielle Williams said, “Hector is the best. He makes coming to school less difficult considering he’s always in a good mood and making me laugh. He’s always giving me great advice about life and working hard to reach my goals. He’s a great motivator.”

Sophomore Dina Goodger agreed: “Hector always says he wants to see us come back for a visit so we can brag about the successful careers he knows we’ll all have. His assurance really makes a difference with my own confidence level.”