White-Hot Summer Styles

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Photo by Hallie Wolff
Photo by Hallie Wolff

A new season is a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning; so what better way is there to usher in the coming season than with a wardrobe that reflects this sentiment? A blank canvas always allows plenty of fashion possibilities. Speaking of blank canvases, one of this season’s easiest and breeziest trends is, quite simply, white. With all the snow we’ve had this year, white could be the farthest thing from our minds when thinking in terms of the warm summer months ahead.

However, says senior Mateusz Chrobak, “Darker colors absorb more heat while light colors reflect.” Because lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing the heat, incorporating this trend into your daily ensemble will leave you far cooler than if you were to wear black.

Students are wearing the trend several different ways. While some utilize the crisp, clean color to add a flair of sophistication to an outfit, others opt for a more laid-back style, incorporating white high tops, white denim, or everyone’s all-time favorite staple: the ever-faithful white tee. Tuck it, tie it, accessorize it or just let it be–any way you wear a white t-shirt, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

In general, this trend based on color (or on its absence) goes with practically everything (and yes, this does include more white), so one or two pieces is enough to create several white-hot looks for the summer, whether dressing for a graduation party, an action-packed day out with friends, or just some relaxing time spent at the beach.