Phoenix reborn online

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Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.44.43 AMThe Phoenix consolidated their online presence with the launch of their very own website in mid-September.

Senior Editor-in-Chief Yelena Dzhanova commented, “I always say that The Phoenix is a creative haven for anyone who needs self-expression and camaraderie, and the website is just an extension of that.”

The website functions as the center of all of the magazine’s social media accounts, namely on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, providing much more than any of these pages do. Junior Editor-in-Chief Kristine Guillaume said, “Tumblr just whets the appetite for the kind of work that is submitted and published, but the website has the full-on seven course meal.” It features literary and art work from the last two years and its content will increase as submissions proceed through their critiquing system.

Aside from traditional blog posting, their website also features exclusive online ebook versions of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 editions of The Phoenix and a media gallery containing photographs from Phoenix events. It also showcases videos of Townsend Harris students performing their many talents such as drawing, sculpting, singing, and reciting poetry. Currently, the website features Ashton Santo’s spoken word poetry and Teresa Deeley’s hula-hooping skills. This is the newest and most unique feature of the website. The staff will post a new video to the media gallery every week.

The editors anticipate their website to open new doors for The Phoenix as it becomes readily accessible to anyone in the THHS community. “It took a lot of hours and sunshine out of our days, but everyone seems to think that the result was worth it,” Yelena said.

Assistant Principal of Humanities and Phoenix Advisor Rafal Olechowski is happy with the site, saying “it creates another way for creative Phoenix kids to reach out to others.”

He added that another benefit is that it provides an additional way for students’ work to get published besides the print edition.

“Also, students who have graduated keep up with us this way,” he added.

He believes the site is a necessity, saying that institutions like THHS can’t afford to not have a website for its literary magazine.

The Phoenix plans to publish an issue with an expected November release date.

They expect to release two more publications in January and March.