Winter concert is a flurry of student talent

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THERE ARE many ways for students to share their musical abilities in the school setting, and the Winter Concert is the biggest showcase of the school’s musical talents of the semester.

The intermediate band started off the concert on December 18 with its performance of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and then “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. The Symphonic Orchestra played the theme song from the television show Game of Thrones. The Chorus and Chamber Music Club and the Tri-M Music Honors Society sang “Blowing in the Wind.” Ashley Kim and Chai Yeon Lee performed “Miracles in December,” written by EXO, a South Korean and Chinese pop group. The Jazz Ensemble performed Afro Blue and the Concert Band dazzled the audience with songs from Disney’s Frozen.

Mariko Sato Berger, Japanese and Music teacher, also included a dance routine in her group’s performance. She thought there was a really high level of collaboration with the dancers, considering it was last-minute. “This year there is an unusually large-sized chorus and so we had a really hard time understanding each other and coming together as a unit since September, but in the end I was really surprised and thrilled with the outcome,” she explained.

“The groups work really hard, so this is a great time to show their talents to the rest of the school,” junior and Concert Band member John Mullane stated.

Aside from raising awareness for the musical programs here at THHS, many students also think that these concerts provide experience for both new and experienced musicians.

“It gives us a lot of experience, and especially for people that are new to singing, it helps us get out there,” stated Chorus member and junior Anna Nowogorski. “For those who have been singing for quite a while, it gives them a chance to demonstrate their talents.”

Alumnus Giancarlo Herrera (Class of 2013) remembered his experiences as a freshman in Chorus fondly: “When I came as a freshman,” he said, “I didn’t know what it was like to perform, but I was put into a group of high level performers. As a freshman, I had to learn to catch up. But, it helped me out. I met some great people.”

Junior Lavonia Duncan, who played with the Intermediate Band, also mentioned that the concert “helps with funds to clean and buy instruments.” She continued, stating that it also helps “showcase the bands and to interest other people to sign up for the next year.”

According to Principal Anthony Barbetta’s estimates, around 200 to 400 students in THHS are in or affiliated with the music programs. Not all students involved in either chorus, band, or orchestra play an instrument.

Before the concert began, many students in the chorus, band, and orchestra expressed their feelings and emotions about playing instruments and singing.

“Being able to play is a liberating experience; it’s fun. I get to express myself through it,” sophomore Martin Charles mentioned. Freshman Brandon Will said that the chorus makes him feel “at peace.”

All of the spectators and parents were excited to see the performances of their children and siblings. Ms. Filiberti, the parent of Francesca Filiberti, was proud of her daughter. “I’m excited to see all the performances, not just hers. I think she’s going to be elated. She loves being on stage.”

Mr. Salvatore, the father of senior Raina Salvatore, had a positive comment on the musical program at THHS: “It’s excellent. They have different acts; they have the orchestra, they have jazz, they have chorus. It’s a wide, diverse set of concerts into one big concert.”