Mogu Sushi: a hidden gem in Downtown Flushing

Mogu Sushi: a hidden gem in Downtown Flushing
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WITH SPRING rolling in just around the corner, we should celebrate with fresh, delicious food. Mogu Sushi is a wonderful sushi restaurant that will surely invigorate your palette.

This restaurant is located on the outskirts of bustling Downtown Flushing, in a secluded area across the street from the old Flushing Mall. Due to its obscure location, many would call it a hidden gem. The chefs here have many years of experience under their wings, having even once served the former president, Bill Clinton. In order to test the waters, I tried three different representative dishes.

The first dish I tried was a chef-recommended appetizer, Mogu Pizza. This is one of the restaurant’s specialties, a unique spin on seafood pizza. This dish is similar to a Chinese pancake, as the upper and lower crust is made of this familiar, flavorful fried dough. However, the unexpected filling combination of this pizza is what leaves a memorable impression. The gooey cheese, crab, and secret spices makes for a savory delight. This well-seasoned dish is a great way to start off the meal.

The second dish I tried was the Osaka Duck Roll. This eye-catching roll is yet another interesting take on a classic, the sushi roll. Like the Mogu Pizza, this roll is wrapped with a crisp, fried pancake, which compliments the flavor of the roasted duck on the inside. This roll also contains some greenery with fresh lettuce and avocado, providing a melt-in-the-mouth sensation. When you take a bite of this roll, it is reminiscent of Peking Duck. With a sweet brown glaze over top, and a drizzle of chili mayo sauce, this dish is certainly a winner.

For the entree, I ordered the small Sushi Party platter. Overall, although the rolls were small and some of the rice was stale, the platter was delightful, as the fish was fresh. Notably, the spicy tuna roll was not spicy, but appetizing since it was rolled in toasted sesame seeds. The tuna and salmon sushi were both wonderful as the fresh slices of fish were tender and didn’t have any lingering aftertaste. My favorite was the yellowtail sushi because there were bits of spring onion on top, adding more flavor. The eel and California rolls were also quite tasty.

The restaurant itself is quite small, which helps create a more peaceful environment. With serene music in the background, there is a quieter ambiance. The layout of the restaurant is contemporary, but warm, with comfy black stools and bright fairy lights hanging in the window front. This style is mixed with Japanese tradition which is apparent in the walls. There is also a sushi bar in the back. The place is very crisp and clean. The service is spectacular. The waitress comes around often to check up on the table and refill tea. At the end of the meal, you even get green tea candy.

With moderate price rates and fresh food, Mogu Sushi definitely beats heading out to Manhattan for your sushi fix. The original chef specials will leave you wanting more. It’s the perfect place to eat with friends, a date, or family.